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TLC Drive 485


The plot is simple: I had 3W RGB Leds from DX and I wanted to do something cool. I knew there was this project: ACRIS and thought I could make a more simple version, with one of the many MSP430 I had laying around. Just for fun. And I did.

The PC App is heavily inspired from the ACRIS project, but is way much simple. It's a Python script that connects to the USB-RS485 adapter, and thats allow multiple interfaces for the user. Currently, only direct input (keyboard) and UDP interfaces have been implemented, but anything is (theoretically) possible…

I have found a daily use for this project: Thunderbird warns me with a green light when I receive an email. A quick keyboard shortcut clears the notification.


Bare PCB First assembled board First assembled board Code testing First assembled board, Final The two prototypes

Schematics - PCB

The full schematics and PCB have been made in Diptrace. I made two versions of the PCB, one without onboard regulator (for the MSP430), one with. I only printed the later one.
PCB with 3.3v regulator


Full code, files, pictures can be found on the SVN repository:

  svn co
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