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 +# Creating your own package
 +We've been given some practical work on ROS, but the instructions were focused on _ROS Electric_ and __rosbuild__,​ so we spent some time trying to figure out how to use catkin and its workspace mechanism.
 +    mkdir -p workspace/​src
 +    cd ./​workspace/​src
 +    catkin_init_workspace
 +    catkin_create_pkg myPackage roscpp ## Add dependencies,​ separated with spaces here, like: std_msgs rospy ...
 +    # Time to do stuff here, like creating a main or whatever...
 +    cd ./myPackage
 +    vim ./​src/​main.cpp
 +    # Time to add our file to the build list
 +    vim CMakeList.txt
 +    # Let's say from here, that's we've name our executable myExec
 +    cd ../../
 +    catkin_make
 +Now, if you want to be able to use you workspace with rosrun and stuff _without installing it, it's time to source another setup.bash, `source workspace/​devel/​setup.bash`
 +Time to run =) `rosrun myPackage myExec`
 +    ​
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