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 ## Tools ## Tools
-* BusBlaster v4 [[http://​​depot/​Bus-Blaster-v4-p-1416.html|Seeedstudio]]+<del>BusBlaster v4 [[http://​​depot/​Bus-Blaster-v4-p-1416.html|Seeedstudio]]</​del>​ Done, great board.
 * Blackmagic Debug Probe [[http://​​products/​black-magic-probe-mini|Transition Robotics]] [[http://​​collections/​frontpage/​products/​black-magic-probe|1 Bits Squared]] * Blackmagic Debug Probe [[http://​​products/​black-magic-probe-mini|Transition Robotics]] [[http://​​collections/​frontpage/​products/​black-magic-probe|1 Bits Squared]]
 * HydraBus [[http://​​depot/​HydraBus-p-2039.html|Seeedstudio]] * HydraBus [[http://​​depot/​HydraBus-p-2039.html|Seeedstudio]]
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 ## Boards ## Boards
-TBD+<​del>​Some kind of FPGA and CPLD dev boards, with integrated USB debugger</​del>​ The [[http://​​icestick|IceStick]] board is a good start, and it's got the first open-source toolchain with the [[http://​​icestorm/​|iceStorm]] project. And it's cheap, I got one. 
 +## Stuff 
 +* http://​​itm/​321851388502 3xUSB power outlet 
 +## DIY Projects 
 +* [Chameleon Mini](https://​​emsec/​ChameleonMini) RFID sniffer/​cloner. I backed the Kickstarter campaign, so I should have a revG PCB in a couple months \ o /
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