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 ## Overview ## Overview
-## PCB+I added some LEDs on the [[rc:​hw:​quad:​pitchou|Pitchou]] and just wanted to be able to switch them on/off using the radio. I could have bought something, but it would probably have been expensive, would have taken a long time to arrive, wouldn'​t be customizable,​ ... So I took an Attiny85 (smd version) and made a really small board that takes a servo PWM input, and can toggle three outputs. Cheap, fun, useful, ...
-# Code 
-## Links+## PCB  
 +{{:​rc:​dev:​tinyrcswitch:​tinyrcswitch.jpg?​direct&​200|TinyRCSwitch PCB}} 
 +(print at 600DPI) 
 +Here's a panelized version, with six of them: {{:​rc:​dev:​tinyrcswitch:​panel.pdf|Panel}} 
 +## Code 
 +Because I didn't want to bother with ICSP, I flashed a [[http://​​tech/​tinysafeboot_en.htm|bootloader]] before soldering the Attiny on the board. I wanted to use the same bootloader used by the [[https://​​sim-/​tgy|SimonK firmware]] but couldn'​t find enough documentation to easily port it... Maybe later. 
 +The current firmware toggles between the three outputs, there'​s no "all off" position";​ I didn't need it, and it turns the LEDs on when the radio link is lost or not established (if wired correctly), which can be useful. 
 +Current revision of the firmware is available here: {{:​rc:​dev:​tinyrcswitch:​tinyrcswitch_firmware_20141212.tar.gz|}} 
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