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-Welcome ​here! +Welcome !
-It's just a personnal, ​dev-oriented wiki.+{{ :​panda.jpg?​nolink&​179|}}It's just my own little ​dev-oriented wiki.  
 +It will host informations related to the the topic I work with:
-For now, it'll host information about orocos, ​and ros, but it might whange fast, depending on what I'm working on...+* GNU/Linux 
 +* Software development 
 +* Nabaztag (mostly v1 and v2) 
 +* Robotics 
 +* 3D printing/​Reprap 
 +* Electronics 
 +* RC Hobby 
 +* Photography 
 +Some friends may help completing this wiki with related informations from time to time. 
 +Take care,  
 +{{gravatar>​}} //Hyde//
-Take care, 
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