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Nabaztag v1 - Code


It's an audio converter from WAV to ADCM2-4bits, one of the only two audio formats the Nabaztag can read (the other one is MIDI)

So it's a little code I've reverse-engineered (mostly from the output files of a Windows software). Just a few lines, but a lot of work to write them ^^

The version of the SVN is a C application, I've ported it to PHP, and this one can be found in NabOne (or just ask).

The SVN repository is here:


This one is a VASM assembler, based on the VASM specifications and extended to support the VASM files provided by Mindscape. It can embed MIDI and ADP files, you'll just have to feed the output file to your Nabaztag ^^

The SVN repository is here:


It's a really simple server for the Nabaztag v1, which was written only to help with my VASM tries…

Full PHP, with Mysql as backend. But you'll need your own Webserver, and it requires some configuration to cope with the inability of the Nabaztag to use the “Host: _url_” HTTP directive…

The SVN repository is here:

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