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# 10 Watts LED Box

## Overview I got two 10W LEDs from eBay auctions. They were reaaaally cheap, and came each with their own driver. So all I had to do was an enclosure.

I fired up Catia and the 3D printer, and… I've to say I'm happy with the result:

## Pictures

## Improvements

From the first idea to the second prototype assembled, it was reaallly quick,3-4hours maybe. Some details could be improved:

* The assembly could be easier * The print could be easier too, there's a large bridge on this version. * The heatsink might be changed for more compact/standard ones. I used some I had in stock but they're not perfect. * The heatsink mount has to be improved. It's really hard to make it stay in place, especially in (rough)° use. * The LED mount can be improved to. Currently, it's held in place with a drop of glue, and it doesn't get along well with the thermal paste. * The LED wiring can also be improved. Maybe drilling holes in the heatsink… The edges of the heatsinks are very likely (like, after the box fell or so) to cut the wires, or make a short, …

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