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Eval-ADuC7061MKZ USB Development board



Using with JTAG

FTDI reprogramming

The USB stick offers progrramming through USB but doesn't offer any kind of debug. JTAG pins are broken out, but they are also connected to the onboard FTDI chip. Some reprogramming is needed in order to make JTAG access available. Download FTProg from the FTDI website; update the I/O controls:

  • Set C0 to C3 to I/O MODE
  • Set C4 to RXLED#

You should now be able to use an External JTAG probe to program and debug the ADuC7061. Serial downloading is still available.

This information comes from this post on the Analog website

OpenOCD support

The only JTAG debug probe I currently own is a BusBlaster. It's supported by UrJTAG and OpenOCD. I am mostly used to OpenOCD so I gave it a try; turns out only ADUC702x are supported in the current version (0.8.0).

Fortunately, a thread on the OpenOCD mailing list, mentions the existence of a patch. I grabbed it, and made a proper patch file for it: openocd_add_aduc706x

Here are also my config files openocd_config_aduc7061mkz.

You should now be able to run openocd and connect using GDB on localhost:3333.

Note: OpenOCD complains about the fast_memory_access disable line. Enabling this option causes the flash programming to fail. It's fast enough (faster than serial download) so… until further notice, I advise to keep it disabled.


After some trial and errors, I was able to port some code from uVision to use with ARM GCC. I made a template project and am happy to say I have been working for a week from this, completely on my Linux workstation.

I don't exactly know what kind of license to give that since some files originaly come from KEIL, but I would have been happy to find such project when I started working with this development kit. That's the main reason I am releasing this work here. Just drop me an email if this code should be taken down.

Here are the files: aduc7061_template

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