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# PIC Programmers

## USBPicProg

The easiest, and cheapest option to program a PIC µC, with an _opensource-spirit_ was the USBPicProg Programmer. I got mixed results with it, but it might be because of my board, not because of the design… Fixed with the new board !

## PICSquirt

Looking for stuff about PICs, I've found this interesting PIC programmer: PICSquirt… Might be cool to try sometimes but, SMD or single-sided board… which requires to redesign the whole PCB. Since the project is a bit old, I've re-uploaded the files Here

## Pickit2 Clone

Yes ! Another one… It's smaller than the UsbPicProg, but isn't made to manage 3.3v devices. I (kinda) merged different designs to make this one with parts I had in stock. Came out pretty well:

### Pictures

### Files Schematic, with values
Top view of the board, with values and traces in background
PCB (600 DPI)
Print in 600 DPI to get the correct size

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