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SmartPort (SPort) Master


With the Taranis, I got a GPS using the “SmartPort” interface from FrSky. It's basically a Serial bus on which you can add many sensors, which are (randomly ?) polled by the master of the bus.

  • One wire bus ( ⇒ Half Duplex communication )
  • Inverted logic
  • 57600 bauds

Luckily the Teensy3 can do that. If you don't want to mess with voltage conversion, just use a Teensy3.1.

Most of the information comes from the OpenTX firmware, information on the Internet and direct analysis of the communication bus, so it might not be perfectly accurate.


I don't have anything permanent, it's all on breadboard for now, so there's no schematic. Just connect the signal pin of the sensor to the pin 1 of the Teensy (TX1, PB17), Gnd to Gnd and… you're done. You can power the GPS using the Vin pin of the Teensy, it makes development easier.

Here's the last code: tsysportmaster_20140916.tar.gz

<note important>This is experimental work. Do this at your own risks.</note>

Next ?

  • Forge UBX/NMEA packets from SPort GPS data
  • Serial/SPI/I2C output (something standard =) )
  • Write a TauLabs module, like the existing one for the Hub Telemetry
  • Attiny(25/45, or 85 but it might be overkill) port with serial output, with Low power mode so it can be embedded on virtually any other flight controller
  • Support more sensors
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