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# Flash SkyRC Swift 10A with BLHeli firmware

## Hardware

* Arduino MEGA (better), or Cheap USBAsp from eBay * Soldering iron * Enameled Copper wire, diam 0.2mm * Solder * 3 Pin female header pitch 2.54mm * Large heatshrink tube. I used diam 24mm.

## Steps

### Hardware 1

* Remove the plastic of the ESC * Glue the header onto the regulator (next to the cap). Try to have it flush the edge so you can keep it accessible for later. * Solder the wires from the test points to the header * Connect the header to the arduino mega * Power the ESC

### Software

It's a little bit complicated for two reasons: I first used owSilProg before I discovered BlHeliSuite and I couldn't flash a new ESC directly with BlHeliSuite. But it worked, on ten ESC.

* Get owsilprog * Use the AVRBurn tool to flash the firmware onto the arduino mega * Use owSilProg to flash the ESC with BlHeli. Select HK10A MULTI. * Flash all your ESC * Get BlHeliSuite * Use the AVRBurn tool to flash the BLHeliSuite programmer firmware (use the PB2PB3 or MULTI one (I think)) * Reflash the ESC with the most recent BlHeli firmware

### Hardware 2

* Cut a length of heatshrink tube so the ESC fits in. Have 3mm on both sides of the board. * Heat in place * Fly the damn uav !

## Links

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