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PIC 10F206

I bought theses ones because they were cheap at a local store… They are REALLY small.

RGB Flash

As of today, I've just made one small board to try to:

  • Solder them
  • Program them

And I've had mixed results:

  • Finding the correct orientation is the first problem…
  • After that, it's just SMD soldering, it went well.
  • I forgot to add a programming header on the board to use the ICSP, so I soldered two wires as a quick fix.
  • Annnnnddd I can't get them recognized by my PIC programmer… so… STALL
  • Actually, the PIC10F206 can't be auto-detected (looks like this isn't possible with the Baselines devices), so it worked all along…

Crappy picture, sorry, the PIC is just next to the RGB LED…


Breakout board 5050 RGB Led \ Print at 600 DPI to get the correct Size.


I made a simple code, with a Makefile to simplify the whole process… it's Here

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